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School Telescope for Family Check-Out

The Astronomical League, a national organization that supports amateur astronomers and clubs all over the US, donated a telescope to North Pointe last year that is available for families to check out.  It can be used to help families engage in quality family time, gain interest in the night sky, build science knowledge, and support the curiosity of budding astronomers, young and old. The Orion Starblast telescope is small and portable but powerful enough to see craters on the moon, the Crescent of Venus, large moons of Jupiter, the Rings of Saturn, star clusters, nebulae, and more! Use the link below to sign up for your family to check out the telescope!


Things to note: (1) Check outs are for one week (with a couple of exceptions). (2) Check outs are designed so that you have the telescope over the weekend in order to have more time to enjoy it. The telescope can be picked up on Wednesday or later and should be returned by the following Tuesday before the school day ends. (3) The telescope comes with a user manual and directions for its use. (4) The telescope cannot be sent home on the bus. It must be picked up and dropped off at the school office.



This link will also be found in parent newsletters using the buttons at the bottom of the newsletter.


Also, be sure to "scope" out the Northern Kentucky Astronomy Club, which is an organization located in Hebron, KY.  Northern Kentucky Astronomy Club webpage: Facebook